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High-class and groom attires collections, high quality and care for details


The men's formal wear from the Siciliano collection have refined lines, without excesses but sophisticate; The groom dresses of the Privé collection maintain the eccentric, innovative and trendy lines.

My Secrets is a line about Enzo Miccio, his concept of male elegance and his style. A hymn to tailoring and Made in Italy that starts from the choice of fabrics.

Both collections are designed to achieve a wonderful fit, ensuring the best comfort for anyone wearing them.

Tight, half-tight, tuxedos, formal double-breasted suits, from the Privé and Siciliano collections are designed for the groom and for men who want to be protagonists of their wedding day, thanks to the high quality standards that our professionals - designers, stylists, couturier - follow to make each piece unique.

Tasmania wool and silk, from the Enzo Miccio Collection often meet, to create unique tuxedos and formal dresses. The color palette is classic, from navy blue to black, but does not reject some "colored note" given by English green and ruby ​​red.

From the original style the clothes of the two collections are of fine workmanship and fabrics that enhance the style of every man.

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